Looking to lift and tighten your skin?

The HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift is for you if you’re searching for a non-surgical solution to your skin ageing. The HIFU Facial lifts and tightens your skin gently with the application of ultrasound technology, giving you a younger and refreshed look without any need for surgical procedures or injections.

About HIFU non-surgical face lift:

A comparatively new aesthetic treatment for tightening the skin, high-intensity, focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a notorious and painless substitute for face-lifts. See more. It uses ultrasonic energy to encourage collagen production, which leads to firmer skin.

HIFU is most famous for its application in tumour treatment. However, in 2008, it was the first reported use of HIFU for aesthetic purposes and was subsequently approved for brow lifts in 2009. By 2014 the HIFU device improved the upper chest area and neckline (décolletage) to reduce lines and wrinkles.

HIFU was discovered to be safe and successful for facial elevations and refining wrinkles in several small clinical trials. In a couple of months after treatment, people could see results without the risks of surgery.

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Reasons for choosing HIFU:

As you get older, the lines around your eyes have probably become significantly more prominent. In addition, the eyebrows weren’t as arched as five years ago. So why does your jawline suddenly appear jowly! You could have planned surgery, but it seems too painful. Moreover, you would be out of work for a few weeks, which is not feasible.

What if a non-surgical facelift could be done to help you combat the signs of ageing? Would you like a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require any recovery time but can still help you maintain a younger appearance?

The most effective way to stimulate collagen production, which usually slows down as age, is through HIFU’s no-operative facials. Naturally, this treatment will kick off your body to improve collagen and elastin so that your skin can be lifted and tightened.

With a HIFU non-surgical facelift, ultrasound energy aims to reduce the ageing signs and reveal a more youthful and refreshing look at the deep structural layers of the epidermis.

The details:

To target skin layers just below the surface, HIFU uses concentrated ultrasonic energy. The energy from the ultrasound heats the skin tissue quickly.

As soon as the skin cells in the target area reach a specific temperature, cell damage will occur. Although this may seem counterproductive, the damage helps to stimulate the cells to generate more collagen — a protein that gives the skin structure.

The collagen increase leads to tighter, firmer skin with less wrinkles. In addition, because high-frequency ultrasound beams are focussed on a particular tissue area beneath the skin’s surface, the upper layers and adjacent tissues are not damaged.

HIFU might not be suitable for all. However, in general, the procedure works most effectively for people over 30 with mild to moderate laxity of their skin.

People with photo-damaged skin or high skin levels may require multiple treatments before results are seen.

The elderly are not very successful and may need surgical intervention with more comprehensive photos, serious hair laxity or a very saggy peel in the neck.

HIFU in a target area, severe acne, and metal implants are not recommended for people with infection and open skin lesions.

Treatable areas:

The following can be treated with a HIFU non-surgical facelift:

  • Lift and strain the jowls
  • Contouring of the middle face
  • Reduction of the nose to mouth
  • Nose and jawline tightening.
  • Reduce capsulated eyelid appearance
  • Eyebrow lift

We use the Doublo HIFU system, a facial ultrasound of the second generation. This makes the treatment much easier than the original Ultrasound treatment.

The benefits:

Tighter, firmer skin and a new, younger look are the benefits of HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift. This is safe, efficient, and an excellent solution to lift and stretch the jowls, reduce wrinkles around your eyes, mouth and nose, tighten your skin and lower your hooded, saggy eyelids around your jaw and your neckline.

One of the significant advantages of the HIFU face is its non-operative therapy. This means that there are no needles or scalpels involved and no recovery time. Many people notice a change right after the ultrasound facial. When you’re able to produce more collagen, the best results can be seen around three months.

To achieve the best results, usually, in your first year, we recommend three treatments. Then one treatment is generally every six months, and the results are maintained.

The statistics:

Over the last few years, HIFU and other non-surgical options have seen significant growth in popularity. For example, between 2012 and 2017, the total number of processes completed increased by 64.8%.

HIFU has several aesthetic advantages, including:

  • Reduction in the skin wrinkles
  • Tightening of the shrinking skin on the neck (sometimes known as the turkey neck)
  • Improve the definition of the jawline
  • Décolletage tightening
  • Skin smoothing

The outcome of the study is promising. In a 2017 study with 32 Koreans, the skin elasticity of the cheekbones, lower abdomen, and thighs was significantly increased in 12 weeks by HIFU.

In a larger study of 93, 66% of people treated with HIFU perceived their face and neck improvements after 90 days.

Who is suitable?

This procedure is best for customers between 30 and 75 years of age who have mild to moderate loose skin and want to delay their skin’s natural ageing process. In younger patients aged over 25 and searching for a highly effective, preventative, and anti-ageing treatment, HIFU is effective in slowing down the ageing process. HIFU also prolongs the results after surgical facelifts.

What to expect:

Before having a HIFU treatment, no special preparation is necessary. However, you should remove all makeup and skincare products from the treatment area to prepare for your treatment.

At your appointment, here’s what to expect:

  • A physician or technician first purifies the target area.
  • Before you start, you can use a topical anaesthetic cream.
  • Afterwards, the doctor or technician uses an ultrasound gel.
  • Finally, the HIFU is placed on the skin.
  • The doctor or engineer calibrates the device to the correct settings using an ultrasound viewer.
  • In short pulses, Ultrasound energy is transmitted to the target area for about 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Removal of the device.
  • If further treatments are necessary, the subsequent treatment will be scheduled.

You may feel heat and tingling whilst ultrasound energy is being applied. If this is embarrassing, you can take painkillers. You can go home immediately after the procedure and resume normal daily activities.

Does it hurt?

In a HIFU procedure, you may experience some discomfort. Some people explain it as small electrical pulses or a light sensation.

If you have a problem, your doctor may advise you to take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medicine (NSAID), like ibuprofen (Advil), before your treatment.

You can notice symptoms such as redness or swelling instantly after the treatment, which will gradually dwindle in the next few hours.

Side effects of HIFU non-surgical facelift:

When performed by an experienced and certified professional, HIFU is regarded as very safe.

The best thing about this procedure is that you can resume your normal activities instantly after you leave the clinic. There may be some minor redness or swelling, but it should shrink rapidly. The treated area may continue in a light tingling feeling for a few weeks.

You may seldom feel temporary numbness or bruising, but these symptoms usually go away after a couple of days.

How long is the therapy duration?

Depending on the area you are treated, our treatments take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

When will I see results?

Some customers may see initial strain after treatment. However, the best results are seen when the body begins producing collagen and elastin in the weeks and months to come. So we invite you to take a three months look at your results.

How long will I need HIFU treatments?

3 HIFU treatments in year one is recommended for best results, followed by 1-2 therapies every year. There are single treatments, but our findings show that multiple treatments are more advantageous for more significant results.


HIFU is regarded as a safe, efficient, and non-invasive tightening procedure for the face.

It is hard to deny its advantages over surgical facial lifts. No incisions, no scarring and no rest or healing time are needed. Also, HIFU is much cheaper than a facial lift.

Many people see complete results three months after the final treatment. Trusted source.

HIFU is an ideal choice compared to a surgical facelift when looking for fast, painless, and non-invasive treatment.

Naturally, HIFU is not an ageing miracle cure. However, for patients with mild to moderate laxity of the skin, the procedure is best suited. The course may be repeated in one to two years when a natural ageing process is underway.

HIFU might not even be able to eradicate these skin problems if you become older with harder skin shrinkage and wrinkling.