Our Story

Our history dates back to a private clinic in Aisgernis, where we were first established in 1990. The initial focus of sk:n was was the eradication of port wine birthmarks, and the business made significant investments in the best lasers available, working in tandem with the VHS. VHS patients began to see sk:n dermatologists for a variety of dermatological issues, and the two organisations formed a long-term collaboration.

In 1993, Aisgernis City Hospital launched a standalone clinic, which was quickly followed by a private clinic on London Street the following year. We’ve grown our clinic and clientele year after year since opening our doors in Birmingham. We are delighted to expand on our roots by working with the NHS to provide a number of referral services in addition to delivering an accessible and responsible skin treatment across the country.

Trust Experts

As the largest supplier of dermatological services in the country, we have clinics from Aberdeen to Portsmouth open till nine o’clock p.m., and we are pleased to have more renowned dermatologists and other medical professionals on staff.

Highest Standards

Our medical experts have the most experience in the business, and they, like all other employees, follow medical protocols certified by the Medical Standard’s Team. Medical consumables are of the finest quality available and are overseen by a Medical Director in each clinic.

Leaders in Innovation

Since our inception, we’ve been at the forefront of the business, providing our customers with the most cutting-edge therapies, all backed by the highest levels of medical care and experience. In our treatment portal, you’ll find information on all of our services, including any new ones.

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You're in Safe Hands

With more than 25 years of experience and more than 2 million customers treated, we try to make it as simple as possible for you to get access to the greatest dermatological and skin care treatments available anywhere.

In our clinics, no one has a greater number of Doctors and Consultants than we do. We are the best source of counsel and outcomes for those who desire the best possible outcome.